Give Presentlee Foundation

Spreading Hope
At Presentlee, we have a strong desire to spread hope to those who need it.  When tragedy struck our family, we received strength and comfort from many who were willing take the time and make the effort to reach out and show love.  Our lives were changed forever and now we want to give back.  We hope that by paying it forward, we can give some comfort, relief, and hope to those who have found themselves in a moment of struggle.  

Mission and Purpose
The mission of the Give Presentlee Foundation is two-fold:
  1. To provide hope to families affected by tragedy.  This will be done by giving service and financial support.
  2. To educate and inspire others to serve and give  to their family, friends, and neighbors. We, at the Give Presentlee Foundation, believe that service and giving equally nourishes the soul of both the recipient and the giver.
Giving Presentlee
Presentlee will be donating a portion of every item sold to our Give Presentlee Foundation, which will then look for opportunities to spread hope to hurting families.

Whether it be donating to children's hospitals, charities, or helping families affected by tragedy, our main focus here at Presentlee will always be to ease other people's burdens and hopefully spread a little hope to those who need it.
This is what keeps our team here at Presentlee motivated to find success. We hope you'll help us spread hope to struggling families everywhere.