Waves of Grief Necklace

Waves of Grief Necklace


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Grief is truly a difficult thing to experience, especially when it hits unexpectedly. After experiencing it for nearly a decade, Ashley, the creator and owner of Presentlee, has learned that grief tends to come in waves and when it feels like you might be taking steps backward rather than forward, the best gift you can give yourself is grace.

This necklace is a wonderful gift for anyone experiencing grief, especially those who find themselves at the beginning of their journey.

Product Specifications:

The petite chain measures 16″ with 2″ extension and can be adjusted to 18″ long. The wave pendant is made from 14K gold, stainless steel, or rose gold and measures a 1/2 inch. 

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Maintenance Instructions:

  • Take it off while you sleep. 
  • Keep it dry and free from water and sweat.
  • Do not touch it often, grease and sweat on hands will cause corrosion.
  • Put it inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swab, avoid it from rubbing against other jewelry.